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Our Fees & Terms

A starting point for anyone looking for rented accommodation.

Enjoy a Superior Tennant Service

We look after our tennants as well as our Landlords. Our tennants are the base of our success as without credible tennants we wouldn’t be able to offer Landlords the service we do! Our current tennants recommend us to friends and family time and time again!

  • Tennant Database: Free to Register to ensure we find you the right place for the right price
  • Application decisions within 24 hours
  • Properties across the city and beyond with a wide choice on offer
  • Apartments
  • Viewings to suit you
  • Tenancies designed to protect you
  • We take the time to go through a tenancy to ensure you understand what you are signing in order to protect you
  • Detailed inventories at the start of a tenancy to protect you and your Deposit
  • All Deposits are fully protected
  • Detailed inspections during the tenancy to protect you
  • A detailed final inspection to protect you
  • All properties are compliant with Furniture Safety requirements and any Electrical and Gas Safety Certificates
  • Free property advice when you are ready to purchase your first property

Our Tennant Fees

At A&R Residential we like to be transparent with our fees. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Application Fee: £90.00 inc is payable per individual*. This is a non‐refundable application.

We will never ask you for a fee until you and any other person you intend to share a property with (and guarantors if applicable) have been provided with an application form and you are fully aware of what information and documents are required from you.

  • Admin and Legal Agreement Fee: £150.00 inc.

Renewals: Once the fixed term ends we charge non‐refundable renewal fees as follows:

  • First Renewal £60 inc.
  • Second Renewal £50 inc.
  • Subsequent renewals FREE

*Per individual means for each prospective tennant and then for each prospective guarantor, where applicable.