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Property Management

Buy to Let

One of the safest investments

Residential property over the years have proved to be an excellent investment. On average, the market value of residential property has doubled every decade over the last fifty years. The availability of tailored “buy to let” mortgages at competitive rates, the landlords right(s) to regain possession, the abolition of rent controls, an ever changing demographic of tenants and with more fluid migration of the UK work force has seen a significant demand in rental accommodation – none more so than here in the East Midlands.

Property should always be viewed as a medium to long term investment. There will always be short term rises and falls in the value of property, but over the long term, property as an investment does well. In order to ensure that you purchase the right type of property as an investment it is important to seek the right advice. At AR Residential we can help grow your investment from acorns to oak trees. We will advise on the location, demand, rental values and yields in order for you to ensure the maximum returns on your investment, as well as explaining all of the legal, financial and tax issues wherever possible.