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Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Property

Why should we use you and not a corporate agent?

We pride ourselves on treating people how we like to be treated ourselves, and having worked for corporate agents, we know this isn't always the case. You can be reassured that we will give you 100% of our time and attention to get the job done. No targets to meet, no hard sales, no centralised functions or offshore teams – just the business owners.

Why should we use you over an online agent?

We feel that we offer everything that an online agent does, and in 95% of the cases we are cheaper; however, you still have the high street presence and that personal touch.

Will you tie me into a long term contract?

No, not at all – we will be flexible with you and work with you on what you feel confident with.

What is the average time it takes to complete, once we accept an offer?

We will work hard making sure that we keep you fully up-to-date by chasing the chain/agents/solicitors. However, in accordance with the Inland Revenue's standard operating practices, it varies between two to three months (subject to the chain).

Do you charge extra for things like floor plans etc?

No. Unlike some of our competitors, we charge you a fee which is completely transparent. The only upfront fee you pay is for the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). You will receive professional photos along with floor plans as part of your fee.

If we need to perform additional work to the property to make it more attractive for the sale market, can you help?

Yes of course – in fact we have a panel of expert contractors who we have used for numerous years. You will also be pleased to learn that, unlike some of our competitors, we do not take any form of commission from our contractors.

Do we need to make any improvements to our home?

If we think it will improve your property, we will advise on the matter (and how to go about these improvements). Honesty is always important.

How do we know if our mortgage is the best deal for us?

As Directors of the company we are not qualified to give this advice; however we can put you in touch with honest and reliable people who can advise – again this is done without AR Residential taking a commission.

Can you help with removals?

Yes we can put you in touch with companies who have worked with us and can be trusted. If you wish to be put in touch with them please ask.

Do you sell to investors?

Yes, we have numerous investor landlords who are always looking to expand their portfolio, and as part of any new instruction we will always discuss and speak to them about your home, along with other suitable purchasers.